18/07/24 - Thursday
Seeking single male age 25+ who appreciates a sexy woman 31

Hey it's Dakota. I'm 31. Ihave an above average IQ, and I really enjoy obscure alternative rock music. I run my own business, and I love getting positive feedback from those that I attend to. I have always been an alpha female. I was a lesbian for 17years from age 13 to 31. I was with women exclusively during that entire time. On my 31st birthday, I started having these graphic dreams about guys,and I would wake up in a craze. It really messed me up in the head, as I was so sure of myself prior to this. So, Ive been experimenting with guys for a few weeks now, and I've really been enjoying myself. I don't think I could ever be with a woman again long-term. What I learned was that men are not the only ones with problems and poor character. Women are just as bad intheir own ways. That's just people in general. We all have the same set ofshortcomings, more or less. Having said, I realized I had cut off half of the entire world's population for a false belief, and I felt like I was robbing myself of many friends and experiences. As it turns out, I like men. They can be a little pretentious and arrogant, but so can I. I know how it feels to be treated poorly by a beautiful woman and not be able to walk away. I know how it feels to be bitched at 24/7 about the most irrelevant details of life when all I wanted to do was chill and have fun. I could go on for hours. I made it 17 years, but I am over it. I had been boxed into this role as a butchy lesbian who acted and dressed like a boy. I didn't trust the men in my life, and I was averted from males during puberty. I have been that way for so long, the expectations of my friends, the labels, the way everyone around me was treating me, I felt like I had no room to grow or differentiate from the way I was. I had to come all the way across the countryso I could become who I really am. I didn't want to listen to anybody's mouth about it from my old life, and I could decide for myself what was good for me and what I like. Now, I'm living my best life and really enjoying myself with an open mind. I am wild, free, and single. I have no kids. I don't even have a dog. I'm a wild rose baby. And if you really admire wild roses, you shouldn't pick them. They'll die. But I invite you to come and enjoyme on the vine.